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Meet The Panel

"What the Bleep is Consciousness?"

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"Warrior of Love"
Monica comes from a family of Healers and empaths. Since she was born, she was very open with her gifts and took her all her life to understand them and work with her gifts. She heals herself from Lupus, RA, Fibromyalgia, and depression, and she understood that it was part of her teaching to help others do the same.
She became a transformational belief coach; she helps to go from confusion to confidence to design the life of your dreams and have the freedom and be empowered loving yourself.
She is Certified as, Life Coach, Neuro-linguistic Programmer, B.Q.H. Beyond Quantum  Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressions, Timeline therapy, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Psychic channeler, Galactic Akashic record reader, Tarot reader, guidance, and an established artist publish writer.
She is the founder of "Path to the Heart," a transformational system that goes in 3 phases; the last level is a Certification of her program. She Coaches one on one and in groups.

February 19th, 2022

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She's a spunky, flamboyant firecracker who is passionate about helping her community and the planet heal.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan and a resident of Kilam for 23 years, she's lived rurally for her entire life. She's familiar with the challenges that arise in rural communities. It's a small space where everyone knows everyone. So people tend to to hide their secrets, struggles and suffering from their neighbors.


And as a result, their trauma and shame gets stuffed down where it grows and festers. And what gets ignored gets passed onto to the next generation.

She knows this personally.


She was raised in a family with this small town mindset of hiding trauma. And as a result she suffered emotional, mental, physical and sexual trauma.

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Amanda Rumore is a Published Author, Speaker & Founder of The Publicity Collective. She uses her profound experiences in perseverance, spirituality plus health & wellness to better cultivate her world. 

As a wife and mom, she beat incredible odds and survived a harrowing Traumatic Brain Injury.  After plummeting 40-feet from an Energy Vortex in the Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ, Amanda learned that energy is the foundation of life, and it can beautifully coincide with religions around the globe. 


Originally from Chicago, IL., she studied at Arizona State University.   Amanda then moved to Los Angeles and worked as a Hollywood Publicist. She has since worked throughout the U.S. in entrepreneurship, public relations and media roles before settling back into the Phoenix-area. 


Amanda is determined to share her journey with the world. You can find more at and

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Katrina Breau of Neurological Nutrition specializes in the use of natural whole foods to promote brain
health, improve cognitive function and psychological wellness while stimulating self–confidence of

As a Best-Selling Author, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Mental Wellness, Stress Relief and
Professional Life Coach has an amazing toolbox to share. Katrina’s experience in geriatrics,
palliative, and special needs care as well as overall wellness with compassion, motivation, and
encouragement brings transition forward in times of challenges.
She draws on her own personal history of beating the odds and rising to overcome life’s storms, from
living with adverse childhood traumas, dyslexia, depression, epilepsy, and the pressures of caregiving in
today’s health care environment.

Katrina’s passion for helping others live the best and healthiest lives possible stands out every day. Her
indomitable spirit, warm sense of compassion, and reflection of kindness are always there to remind us that life’s challenges are best met with a positive, can-do attitude, even when they appear
insurmountable in the moment.

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Sara Im is a survivor of a Mass Genocide in Cambodia. She  is an inspirational speaker and an author of an inspirational award-winning book “How I Survived the Killing Fields”.  Sara operates a wellness business, Smart Healthy Living.  

Sara graduated from Western Connecticut State University.

She is a founder and director of Christian Professionals Network of Tampa Bay.  Sara is a member of Women Speakers Association, M3Link of Tampa Bay and Toastmasters International.  For public service, Sara co-hosts a weekly live show “A Thriving Conversation” on Facebook.

Sara speaks to inspire her audience to overcome fear and anxiety to live a fulfilling life.  Sara enjoys sharing her impactful message at conferences, seminars, churches, schools, TV, Podcasts, radios and more.

Sara lives in Florida and she just celebrated her 32 years of marriage. 

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Nancy Inspired's soul purpose is to help others ``show up" in their lives.  Whether in her role as an educator, consultant, assistant principal or as an intuitive counselor (soul telepathy),  wisdom speaker, or writer, she helps others to become truly empowered to reach their highest self.  She believes that when people are living inspired lives they, in turn, inspire those around them. 

Her gift of "soul telepathy" allows her to channel what her clients' souls are trying to tell them for their own evolution, as well as, for the greater evolution of human consciousness. 

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Christian is the Owner and Founder of Ch Reiki Healing. Christian healed himself from drug addiction and recovered from a devastating rock bottom using Reiki, Tarot and other forms of energy work. He is a spiritual coach, tarot reader, and reiki master. Ch Reiki Healing was started to help those in their hour of darkness find the light. 

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